The Red Thread

This blog has had no real red thread, and I’ve thought about that a lot. It’s just been about my life, a privileged but beige-trenchcoat-kinda-life. Before having a kid I worked wherever I got a job, travelled, partied and failed a lot. After Igge came into our lives I was forced into this beige-trenchcoat-kinda-life, which sometimes is a struggle, because I hate routine. On the other hand, it gives security, and that’s what our son needs.


No matter where in the world, we make sure to keep Igge’s routines. If it’s sleepy time, it’s sleepy time

To remind myself how much fun there actually is in my beige-trenchcoat-kinda-life, I’ve decided that this blog will be about fun. It will be about life, love and laughter, to be cheesy. About experiencing the world and celebrating our existence. About going forward and remembering the good in life. About celebrating all victories and that we have each other.

So let me introduce to you: a blog about discovering this beautiful world and celebrating life!


A quick get away from the Swedish fall, celebrating a birthday