Solving Sleep

In my last blog I wrote about how Isle of Arran brought me calm and started to rebirth my creativity.

It lasted until I got back to work, a few days later. Now I’m once again trying being a professional at 170%, while I’m desperately washing away the dried-in porridge from my suit pants and yesterday’s mac n’cheese from my hair, in the office bathroom. I’m also excercising (in my head, but I feel really conscious about not being able to button my pants, every morning). I’m cooking healthy food for my kid (fish sticks contains omega 3, microwaving counts and ketchup is partially made out of tomatoes). Don’t forget how I have painted over my chipped nail polish for 3 weeks in a row because there’s just no time to remove it first.

Have I told you I still haven’t given up my studies? I still have one or two (or four) old exams at uni that I haven’t given up hope about. And I am slowly getting closer, but finding time to study is so difficult.

Every night before bed I used to fall asleep, thinking about what to write, draw, paint or knit the next day. What would my next creative project be? These days I can’t fall asleep, thinking in panic about having forgotten to by breakfast for Igge (it’s ok to feed kids frozen corn for breakfast yeah?), not being able to finish work before the preschool closes and trying to plan how to study at night for my next exam.

This was until I was introduced to the heavy blanket. You see, there’s a really heavy blanket which feels like somebody’s holding you, not forcefully, but like a firm yet gentle snuggle. It might sound like a commercial but it’s not – this magical blanket solved my sleeping problem. It’s amazing and now it soothes me before those anxious thoughts even get roots in my brain. It looks good to!

Ok, it doesn’t fix the problem with Igge kick boxing me in the face between 2-5 am, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the next step for this enchanting blanket.

Visit to read more.

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