Travelling Japanese style

We have been a week in Tokyo, which I will get to later on. Right now we’re all packed in like sardines on Shinkazen, the high speed Japanese train, heading from Hakone to Kyoto.

Hakone. It baffled me. The weather wasn’t super but I can almost not imagine that it could be any more beautiful than it was. I will come back to Hakone later, because the travel there from Tokyo is worth some attention.

All 10 of us left Tokyo after lunch, where Shaun Vegaun, Igge and myself had had a quiet and peaceful lunch with my parents while the meal marauder (that’ll be Igge, if you didn’t figure it out) was fast asleep. My siblings, on the other hand, chose to go to a Robot show – lunch downtown and when we met them they were high on hysteria and slightly tipsy from glow in the dark – drinks. As we were standing on the platform at the train station waiting for them, I saw a group of giant blonds with led lights in their hands and blinking light bulbs on their heads shouting and waving at us. Imagine that in Japan, the country of quiet, respectable and polite people. There is nowhere to hide either, I even got myself a beige trenchcoat to try to not be noticed, but no matter how hard I try I will never be mistaken as a Japanese woman.

My beloved big and wild family at their robot lunch, led sticks and blinking light bulbs

When you travel with Shinkanzen, it’s apparently recommended that you travel lightly, since there’s not a lot of space to put luggage in. Yeah.

We packed ourselves in to Shinkanzen; 9 western sized people, 20 bags, 1 pram and 1 toddler. As we thought we couldn’t get any more stuffed, it was time to change trains to a local train. The local train took us to a super local mountain train, which had to zigzag it’s way up the hill and I wondered if it would be able to do it with all of us fatsos in it. My siblings weren’t concerned, they had fallen deep asleep. That’s when Igge decided to do number 2, and it was a three man job to change him on the mountain train. Our action was frowned upon, to say the least. I’m guessing it is frowned upon to change a pooey daiper anywhere in the world, but it was massive and crudely stinky. It had to be done and the isolated inside layers and layers of plastic bags.

Changing a nappy on the go. Have to be quick and act rapidly and precisely – just like a surgeon.

After an hour or so it was time to get off and jump in to the shuttle bus… We kind of had bags on our heads to be able to fit.

The empty seats were also packed with bags, souvenirs and of course – glow in the dark drinks

Tired and exhausted from the strangest part of the travel so far, we opened the door to our hotel room and the view, even from the hallway, was breathtaking.

Finally in Hakone where a hot spring water bath on the balcony awaited. All three of us fit – with a bit of water on the floor

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