Circus Family or Family Circus

Last time my family travelled really far away all together was almost 15 years ago. We did a road trip along the coast from San Francisco to San Diego with a detour via Vegas and Grand Canyon, then we finished in Chicago. We were so many teens at that time, that people mistook us for a group of circus arcrobats, in town for the international circus gymnastic competition. Actually, we joke about that quite a lot, since we are like a circus, except we’re clowns, not acrobats.

Since then we’ve travelled together to some places, but now it’s time to go far away again. Unfortunately, we had to leave one sibling +spouse at home since he and his wife just had a baby. Despite leaving them behind, we’re still 10 clowns going away.
We finally boarded the plane to Tokyo. All 10 of us made it, but of course not without some extra “excitement” on the way. In our case, the “excitement” bagan with Igge smearing chocolate all over the apartment just before we were about to leave. Mind you that the apartment is going to be shown to potential buyers when we’re away, and I don’t think they’d love it if there were traces of baby hands made in chocolate all over the place. Fixed in panic, we left for the airport.
Of course there was heavy traffic due to Easter coming up, but the nerve-tickling part was that our flight from Stockholm was delayed. We only had 45 minutes from landing in Copenhagen to get on the plane to Tokyo, so every minute counted. You see, there was an airport staff who had missed a step loading food into the airplane, and fell from the ramp straight on the ground. As you may figure out, ambulance was needed to the spot and lifting somebody who had such a bad fall is a delicate job. So of course none of us were angry about the situation, but very stressed still. We took off 30 min before we were supposed to board our Tokyo flight and the pilot claimed he would “step on it”.
It was like riding on Superman’s back, if he also was recently moisturised, but we made it.
This time, we’re all too old and fat to be mistaken for a group of acrobats, we’re not a circus family anymore.
So – let the family circus begin.

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