Dance Dance Dance

All the parents and their children are listening to the instructor and pretending that they’re bears. To music they’re walking on all four, roaring, eating invisible blueberries, catchingtry? I just assumed that Igge would joi pretend salmon from a non-existing stream and shaking their tales like bears would if they could dance. The children are laughing, playing bear with their parents and with each other. I’m also in this group, but without a child. I feel ridiculous. I don’t know anybody in that group, and I have no child by my side, but I’m standing on all four, pretending to catch a jumping fish and then wiggling a furry tail that I don’t have. R. I. D. I. C. U. L. O. U. S. Here’s what happend:

Igge has so much energy. No, I mean like SO MUCH ENERGY. He also loves to dance and sing and climb and jump and… Time to start going to a gymnastics class. Unfortunately all of them were already full. Just as I was gonna give up looking, my eyes got stuck on a commercial for toddler’s dance class. A dance class for 2 year olds, and just around the corner from where we live, brilliant!

I was so excited as I went to the very first class with Igge. He was dressed in his best tights, he had chosen the t-shirt himself and he had a new water bottle in his gym bag. Since I know how much he loves to move, and especially dance, I thought that he will be smitten by this. He wasn’t. He spent the first 10 minutes trying to make me carry him, then the next 20 minutes recruiting the youngest ones to join his running – around – laughing like a maniac – game and finally he found some “wheels” he could use in his imaginary car. The wheels were 5 kg weights and of course he dropped one on his foot.

Driving weights

This was a precarious situation, because how do you react when your child runs away from the activities and refuses to as much as try? I just assumed that Igge would join the group, that he would want to sing and dance and learn the moves, but he had ZERO interest in being in some stupid group with silly children his age, doing fun stuff together. Now I’m standing in a circle with the other parents, who all have children with them, and I’m jumping around, imitating a frog with 2 glittery pompoms in my hands. My child, is in the corner on the opposite side of the room, yelling at a pilates ball to start floating. (He thinks it’s a giant balloon.) So now is the question; do I keep joining the group, hoping that Igge will notice that I’m having fun and join the dance by himself? Or do I chase him down and force him to participate? I quickly understood that I had to choose one alternative and stick with it.

I chose to go with the group. Today was the third time in dance class and I’m still doing the Snakey-Shakey Dance alone. Not even Mia and Evie, 2,5 years of age, thinks that I’m funny. I can feel how they look at me and roll their eyes. They think I’m pathetic and I should leave the Snake dance to the professionals.

Igge is having a blast though. Despite his non-interest of being a part of the group he’s always sweaty, happy and exhausted when class finishes. He’s in a place where he can run around freely to music, so he uses that weekly hour to do so.

While the other kids are really focused on learning dance moves, my kid is having a water break

Some parents look at me and I know they’re thinking I shouldn’t let my son run around in circles outside the group’s circle, because their children want to join him. Then I watch him and I see how he’s just running and laughing hysterically. If I stop it and force him to do like everyone else, will he not begin to hate going to dance class? At the moment he talks all week about going to dance class. Isn’t the whole point to get exercise and have fun? Because he is, in his own way. Viva la dance!

Horray for being active!

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