Dad’s birthday and we’re somewhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Mom has sent me and my youngest sister out to buy a robe for dad and time is of essance. As I efficiently am looking through robes in the shop my sister jumps out from behind a robe-wreck, dressed in one of Hugh Hefner’s gold robes. There and then she started doing a really ugly dance while the fluffy fake gold and fur – robe was swaying along around her. I remember laughing so much I almost peed myself. I also remember thinking “when did my sister become so funny?”, as she was a shy and quiet child. After that…situation, we started to have so much fun together and we began to hang out more and more often.

When she was newborn, I sat next to her while mom was changing her diaper and I said “we’re going to become best friends”. Mom explained to me that the age difference between us would probably put a stop to us being best friends, but she was wrong. Sure, when I was 20 and my sister was 12 we didn’t have much in common, but the older we got, the less age mattered.

She’s Igge’s idol, and mine to. I dream about loosing weight, about starting my own company, about redoing my kitchen… She doesn’t dream – she acts. She lost a lot of weight, and in no time. She started her own company, and now it’s doing great. She tore down her kitchen and redid it herself. I’ve slowly seen how she succeeds with what she takes on, and it’s such an incredible inspiration. So I started to loose weight, it’s been hard work but I’m getting in to it. I’ve lost 5 kg so far and it’s going down every day. I’ve made an actual plan for starting my company and I hope that I soon can introduce it to you. All the time she’s cheering me on, giving me practical tips and methods. Today I had lunch with her and I told her that I’m suffering from writer’s block at the moment, that I don’t know what to write about… She looked at me and said “write about me. I’m awesome.” We laughed about it but now I opened my blog and did start to write about her.

My baby sisterand one of the fairy godmothers of my child. She IS awesome! An inspiration, a doer, a though cookie, gorgeous, independent, strong, smart and funny. Mimi, as Igge calls her. Always there for you, always listening, always caring about others. We can be honest with each other, we don’t have to finish sentences, we never have to pretend and we can fart in front of each other. Is there anything better?

My Mimi, my sister, my best friend.

Mimi and I in our ugly Christmas outfits

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