Nobody Sit!

As usual, we took the bus to preschool this morning. As usual, I put the pram in its dedicated location and as usual, I sat down on the seat for two on the opposite side of Igge. As usual, we sang and chatted and pointed at everything vehicle outside the window. Unusually, a lot of people came on the bus at the stop after ours. And very unusually, an old man sat down next to me.

Igge froze. His eyebrows almost reached his nostrils and he stared at the old man for the next 15 minutes. I swear he didn’t event blink. I’ve never seen him like that. Then the man left, showingly uncomfortable.

A teenage boy came on and saw a free spot to sit; the empty seat next to me. The rainbows in his eyes disappeared as soon as he began to sit down, because out of the blue my sweet, happy and well-behaved little offspring yelled from the top of his lungs: “NO ITTING THAH! NO! MY MAMMY! NO ITTING! NOTTING!”

As the teenage boy stood up again quicker than if he had sat on a skunk, Igge crossed his arms and yelled, just to make sure: “NOTTING!”. Makes perfect sense.

Well, it worked, cause everyone hurried to the back of the bus.

Making sure everyone either stayed at the back of the bus or got off it. You don’t want the risk of anybody else sitting down next to your mam.

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