Calling Mimi

As long as Igge has known Auntie Mary, she has gone by the name of Mimi. Don’t know how it started but now that’s how it is. Since a few months back, Igge has been obsessed with calling people on apps where you can see the person you’re talking to, and Mimi is the most frequent callee. She can definitely not always answer, since she’s at the hair dresser, in school or super stressed running her business during the Christmas rush,but she still does.

So, Igge nags for hours to call Mimi but when I know that she’s busy, I don’t want to disturb her. Now we all know nagging gives result, and I sometimes (read; always) give in and let him call her.

This afternoon he cried with real tears and begged to call Mimi and then we did.

-Call Mimi! Ica call Mimi! Call Miiiiimiiiii!

– Well alright then. But she might not answer. She’s in the Maldives scuba diving at the moment.

-Icaaaaa caaaaall Miiiii… *snörvel snörvel*…miiiiii

*Calling Mimi, no answer. Calling again, Mimi picks up after 15 signals*

-Hi Igge! How are you? We were out kitesurfing but I heard you ring, so I went back to shore. What are you doing?”

*Igge has the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face*

-Byebye Mimi!

*Hangs up*

I’m raising such a gentleman.

Calling Mimi at the Maldives

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