The Christmas Tree Project

Christmas. My favourite holiday of the year. I would gladly change my birthday, Easter and Midsummer celebrations for Christmas.

Anyways, in Sweden, today is the day when you “throw Christmas out”; the tree goes out the door. Old tradition say that you shall throw the tree out the window, but new law says you’re not allowed to throw trees out the window. Here’s our problem: we live 3 floors up in an apartment and our Christmas tree this year was extra massive. Wide and fluffy like a Disney princess’s wedding dress. How do you get a tree like that out the door? Well, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to say adios to Christmas.

Whenever there’s a draft from the window, our tree drops enough pins to make a green, spiky carpet in our apartment. So, better put out pin-protection.

Step 1) About half a roll of black plastic oughta be enough. Igge is supervising. 

It took some collaboration to lift the whole tree and move it onto the plastic, but we did it. There was only about a ton of pins that fell off.

Step 2) Moving the tree onto the protection. Igge is throwing a last admiring glance at the indoor-forest. 

Time to remove the decorations, which showed out to take 45 minutes. It usually takes about 10, but if you have a child who puts the decorations back behind your back, it will take longer.

Step 3) Decorations off. Leave the lights for a little longer so you will find your candy bag!

After you dance and sing around the tree (everybody does that, right?), it’s time to find your candy bag. They’re individual, of course, since everyone has individual taste in sweets. Don’t worry, there was fruit in there to.

Step 4) Find your bag of candy. Chocolate covered raisins count as fruit. It does. 

When lights are removed and bags have been inspected it’s time to tilt the tree over and wrap it in the plastic. Make sure the child is on the sofa so you don’t accidentally wrap him to.

Step 5) It took 2 adults, 50 minutes and 1 child cheerleader to loosen the tree from its foot and smoothly put it down on the plastic protection. Also, about a ton of needles spread out over our place. Worth it.

Finally the tree is wrapped in its cover and ready to move on to the recycling station.

Step 6) The result of “taking care” of the tree; a pine smelling carcass. 

Once you’ve used enough duct tape it’s time to send your husband out in the snowstorm to recycle the tree. If he can fit it through the door, that is.

Step 7) Put the tree in the hands of somebody capable

Igge is blowing kisses to the tree. He was very found of it.

Step 8) Bye bye Christmas! Same procedure next year!