We tried everything to make Igge sleep when he was a baby. He only slept in 20 minute intervals until he was 8 months old and it tore on us. We followed every tip we could get but since we live in a studio apartment, some of the tips were too difficult for us practically. I mean, Shaun Vegaun and I couldn’t really spend all our waking hours in the bathroom so Igge would have “a room of his own”.

All hopes went to giving Igge a pacifier and/or a comfort blanket/animal. Didn’t work either. He wasn’t interested at all in the pacifier (because there was no food coming out from it), and he loved his blanket, but only to chew on.

Then he started preschool. In the beginning he cried all day every day, and believe me – I wished nothing more than to be able to keep him home for a few more months.

One day we went to the book store (reading is important folks) and they had a stand with stuffed animals. Keep in mind that Igge owns about a million stuffed animals of different shapes, colours and materials. All of a sudden he shouted from the top of his lungs (he couldn’t really talk yet, just a few words here and there like Google, drone, purple and nej=no, you know, the basics) “BIIIBIIIII! BIIIBIIIII!”. He ran up to one of the animals and grabbed it. He began to hug it with a smile on his round little face and eyes closed and sighed “oh Bibi”. Of course I had to buy it and ever since, Bibi has been a crucial part of the family.

Bibi comforting on the way to preschool

She helped him settle at preschool. The teachers were extatic about Bibi because as long as she was by his side he would play, eat, sleep and dare to take initative. She helped when he spent the night with his grandparents or even over a fun day with Auntie Mary. Bibi helped him fall asleep and stay asleep, at least for a few hours rather than 20 minutes. We have a lot to thank Bibi for.

She kept the tears away in the waiting room when Igge burnt his arm

Then disaster struck. One day Bibi was gone. Shaun Vegaun had rushed Igge to the preschool in the morning and I picked the child up, also in a rush, so the teachers didn’t get a chance to tell me if Bibi was left behind or if she hadn’t made it to school at all. It wasn’t until sleepy time when we noticed that Bibi was gone. Tears. An endless Nicaragua falls of tears from all three of us.

Our tears

The next day we asked the preschool if they had The Animal but they said she hadn’t been with Igge the day before. Conclusion: Bibi must have been dropped from the pram on the way to the preschool the previous day. Solution: walk the same way back home. If Bibi still not found, buy a new one and say she’s been washed.

She was nowhere to be found. I went back to the store where we bought her but they were sold out. Actually, they were sold out in every store in Sweden, and no, unfortunately this was a one time campaign they had, so they wouldn’t get any new shippings. Shaun Vegaun and I researched every corner of the world for this stuffed animal, but since we didn’t know what brand it had been, we couldn’t find it anywhere. Meanwhile, in Casa Shilbottle, Igge was slowly regressing to pre-Bibi behaviour. Time was running out, we had to find a new Bibi.

Not long thereafter, we went shopping at our local, tiny, toy store for a gift for a friend’s new baby, and there they were.

A whole stand of Bibis. We had spent 10 desperate days trying to make Igge love another animal, which ended up in tears over Bibi every single time. We had searched the world, and the whole time she had been around the corner from our apartment. I quickly bought a new one, and the next day I went back for a third one – just in case.

Old vs new – interesting how shape and colour have changed
Yesterday my parents took care of Igge and I went to their place after work. We spent the night, which I love to do once in a while.

Then disaster struck. Again. As sleepy time was getting closer, Bibi was nowhere to be found. Igge and I both looked around, but it was late and dark and I was shattered. I was also pretty sure that Bibi was in the building – somewhere.

It took 2 hours 54 minutes to put Igge to sleep last night. Well, to be completely honest I don’t know when he fell asleep; it took 2 hours 54 minutes for ME to fall asleep – after that I can’t tell a thing. Then he woke up at midnight, coughing and crying for that Godforsaken lynx. So it went on… Until 4.38 am when The Child passed out from exhaustion.

Falling asleep with Bibi in arms takes a few minutes – without her it takes a few hours

This morning we found Bibi. Igge was bothered for real. Santa, of all people, had been sitting on the precious Bibi all night. Why, Anta? Igge whispered. Why itt Bibi? Bibi tuck. Bibi aj aj aj.

Now how do I explain this?

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