End It With a Bang! (Or: Inget Kalas Utan Kras)

To continue yesterday’s post…

Party plans fell apart for our little family and we got invited to spend New Year’s eve with my parents instead. We were happy about the invitation, happy about a calm and sorted New Year’s dinner.

It wasn’t. Dad had bought too many lobsters (my favourite kind of problem), then he accidentally burnt the Bearnaise sauce which my mom had spent the whole afternoon making (he’s not on plus now folks) and he didn’t buy any vegan ice cream for my husband (who really didn’t mind and had a bowl of berries and rocky road vegan truffles in front of him). Despite that the guests (Shaun Vegaun, Igge and myself) were extatic about the food, dinner started a bit stiff. When Igge The Child made a surf and turf of his meatballs with my lobster, moved the bowl with Rhode island closer so he could eat it with a spoon and went “Mmmmm! Mmmmm!”, all previous flops were forgotten. I laughed because he was making so much noise, eating all the sauce, but apparently the rest of the crew were laughing about my son being as expensive to run as his mother. I don’t know what they were talking about.

Apparently we’re expensive to run

We laughed a lot. Last night was one of the New Year eve’s where I laughed the most. Glasses flew, salt everywhere, inappropriate jokes, cheating in games, a child who ate stolen lobster under the table…

Mmm! Look at that claw

That’s how I’ll remember 2018. Laughing with my family. 2018 was also the year I achieved 2 of my life goals; taking my driving licence and getting a full time job as an engineer. So what’s expected from 2019? I will strive to achieve another 2 goals; moving to a bigger apartment and…

I don’t know yet. At 11.59 pm last night I was trying to think about what I want in 2019.

Then it struck midnight and my dad was trying to stop an uncontrollable champagne bottle. The forces of wild champagne are too great for humans and the bottle escaped and fell on the floor with a bang- champagne everywhere!

Yes, I thought, as dad ran to find another bottle of Champagne: 2018 went out with a bang and there and then I decided that 2019 will be Champagne everywhere!

Happy New Year!

Thank you, 2018!

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