Let Them Eat Cake

Let them eat cake! That goes for all the dads of Sweden today, because it’s Father’s day. I’m brought up in a family where we celebrated everything. My parents see life’s little things in the same dimension as the great things.

You graduated from college? Let’s throw a party! You lost your first tooth? Let’s have a party! You passed you driver’s licence? Party! Got rid of your braces? Party! Found a piece of your favourite candy in an old Easter egg? Party! So, you get the drill.

I want to transfer some traditions to my child’s upbringing, especially the believe that the details in life are equally important as those life changing moments. After all, those insignificant details brought you to the life changing one.

Today it is Father’s day and that definitely causes for a celebration. Igge started to celebrate at 4.15, when he sat up in the bed (he slept between us as most nights, to make sure there won’t be any competition on his monopoly on the baby market), and loudly sang “Lilla snigel akta dig…” (=a traditional Swedish song about a snail who needs to watch out). Then he laughed really loud, farted and fell asleep again.

At 7.50 he woke up again and he and I wrapped the gifts for Shaun Vegaun. Igge made coffee (yes he knows how because he’s obsessed with the Nespresso machine) and drew a nice painting.

Mista barista

He also drew all over the floor when I put the last touch on the wrapping, so now we live on top of an abstract master piece. We sang to Shaun and brought him coffee and gifts in bed. Igge tore the gifts open, ate the decorative string and wanted his drawing back. He used one of the gifts, the black silk tie, as a phone and sat in a call with granny the rest of the morning.

This new silk phone really makes a smooth call

We continued the celebrations by going to a show room opening. Two friends of mine has a business (Confettiquette.se) selling party products and had a showing of their merchandise. We didn’t more than look through the door before Igge had found a balloon and filled his pockets with cake. It’s ok, melted chocolate is real easy to get off clothes. We managed to loose the kid twice but found him quite easily. The first time he was walking around with a party bag over his head singing “Baby shark”. The second time he was bonking his balloon on a chair in a corner of the storage room whilst laughing like the mad hatter. We realised it was time to leave when our child was conversing with a unicorn balloon, which we also had to buy, in order to get the child to join us for our journey home.

In the back room, investigating balloon possibilities

It might be Father’s day but it’s also Sunday, aka Sushi Sunday. We bought our usual and hurried home to dig in. Normally, Igge gets three pieces. 1 avocado, 1 tofu and 1 salmon. Tonight I, as usual, put the sushi down on the table and then turned around to fetch Igge’s plate. That’s all I did. During that time, Igge had climbed up a chair (they’re barstools mind you) and sat munching away on our sushi. A piece of tofu in one hand and a piece of salmon in the other, stirdy grip. He had eaten the middle bit of all my rolls and had drank the soy. Cheers!

Rice and nouri are the main reasons why I buy sushi. Who needs fish, anyways?

This child of mine called Igge… He’s not very good at celebrating others, to make that other person feel special, important… But he sure as hell knows how to party.

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