In this part of the world, we have the luxury of having a choice. That’s why we should think carefully before making a it. Evaluate the consequences of each decision and all possible outcomes of even the tiniest of options we ponder upon. We should.
I’m more of a “go with your gut and don’t think twice about it” – kind of person, and maybe that’s why my choices yesterday lead up to me being very punished for them today.

Yesterday I woke up at 5.30, long before Husband and child were up. Since I couldn’t sleep and had a gassy behind in my face (not Shaun’s) I made the choice to get up. That way, I get to use the bathroom for about 30 minutes – all by myself! I can even poo with the door closed. With no child in the shower eating the shampoo with his tune plastic toy spoon , I also have time to scrub, use conditioner and even put on a refreshing face mask.


Gassy behind and feet kicking the back of my head made me get outta there

As I was all done, two naked males were up and making a mess in the kitchen. Singing a song about eating toast while they were having soyghurt. Made no sense but neither does my life, which is why I had toast with Dijon mustard and pickles on it.

Next choice was what to wear? I had a job interview for a serious engineering company so I needed to look good! Well, I always look good, in a “abandoned puppy found on the street” – sense, but I needed to look fresh, trendy, prim and proper. THAT, my friends, is a challenge for somebody who only owns black jeans, giant knitted sweaters with un-removable stains (I say intentional pattern, but well) and Converse sneakers which I can’t live without. (They’re super crisp after not being able to live without for 5 years now.) Finally I chose my outfit – 40% chic, 32% classy, 25% serious and 3% comfortable. Great choice for an interview. Not so great if I would have really thought about what was waiting for me the rest of my day.

I miscalculated how long it would take to walk to the interview because I rarely wear heals anymore, plus that the rain started pouring down as soon as I set my foot out the door. Therefor I was late, (technically I was, but only by 2 minutes so I don’t know if it really counts) so the interviewing girl, who looked like she was 12, gave me a lesson in “always aim to be 15 minutes early”. Omg girl. She hated me throughout the whole procedure. Still, I made the choice to stay smiling and polite instead of knocking her toothless, which I was doing in my head.

A bit angry and fairly disappointed I left and hurried to one of my jobs; the e-commerce business. My sister runs it and since logistics is my thing she has put me to help her out. I get an income and the experience of e-commerce logistics, win-win. This day however, did not start smoothly. I came in, got the news that we had 700+ orders to pack, send and print bills for, so I made the choice of taking my clothes off and work in my tank top and panties. (Don’t worry, my panties are big enough to use as the main sail on a schooner.)

That also showed out to be a bad choice. As I was dancing away to Madonna, packing compression socks like my life depended on it, a delivery guy entered the storage. We were probably equally surprised/embarrassed, and he quickly began to explain that somebody had parked their car on the loading dock, so he couldn’t get by with our delivery. Long story short – after some detective work we got a hold of the ass wipes of young adults who didn’t want to pay to stand on the street while they were having their long brunch. They moved their car but made the choice not to help us get our delivery inside. Usually the delivery man does that for us but he was on a tight schedule and had to leave while we were trying to snoop clues to find the owner of the car. Because of that, our schedule got pushed back another 2 hours. Thank’s guys!


Our delivery on the left, which had to be dropped off on the street and the A-hole’s car, parked on the loading dock. Yay for bright and thoughtful people!

We actually made it. We needed to be done by 4.30 pm in order to make dinner with our gang, but it was tight. We chose to have three cups of coffee instead of lunch to save time, we chose to split a bottle of Champagne while getting re-dressed, putting make up on (again) and trying to do something about the copious amounts of perspiration our bodies and undergarments had suffered throughout this humid, stressful and physically challenging day. Laughing too loudly and smelling each other’s arm pits on the tube made us forget about this strange day filled of bad choices. Which is why we made about a hundred more that night. Drinking too much, eating too much, spending more money than I have, dancing on the bar, cutting the toilet line, smoking, going to the after party, making pancakes at a stranger’s house, taking the first tube home at 5.30 am… It was a butt load of fun, just like the old days.

In the old days these choices wouldn’t have been bad, they would have been “crazy”. Now? Now I got to sleep on the sofa for 40 minutes before I got woken up by somebody using me as a mountain in their train-landscape. It’s our duty in the free world to choose carefully. It’s our duty to make the right choice. The responsible choice. All day yesterday was filled with bad choices. Un-thought through decisions. The wrong choice was made  every time.

I haven’t had that much fun in months.


It wasn’t my immediate choice to state as a mountain