Swedish Summer – Vehicles and Family

No need to say we slept like logs the night we got to Mariestad. Even Igge slept the whole night for once. So nice.

My cousin, Bia, lives with a man who has two sons. They have a lot of cool toys, which our little vehicle-fetish of a son discovered quickly. I swear he can smell vehicles in all their forms. Below is a list of the different vehicles he knows. From Igge-language to Swenglish to grown up English. In some cases they were English from the beginning.

Koko = Helicopter
Bil-car = Bil is Swedish for car. So bil-car covers it. I mean, you need to make sure everybody understands this very important word.
Nee-naa = Ambulance and/or fire engine. It’s based on the sound they make. Duh!
Ipapa = Polisbil = Police car
Pipain = Flygplan = Airplane
Kaka = Traktor = Tractor
Assbil = You might think this is ass-car but that wouldn’t make sense. It’s Lastbil = Truck
Bekaka = Bicycle
Mokaka = Motorcycle
Boaaa-t = Boat
Motoboaaa-t = Motor boat
Killeboaaa-t = Segelbåt = Sailboat
Nanot = Kanot = Canoe

He learnt all of those words the first time he heard the them – because he’s obsessed with vehicles. Despite hearing the following phrases more than any other in his lifetime, he still doesn’t seem to understand “stop”, “sit down” and “time for your medicine”.

We had a lot of activities planned in Mariestad. Unfortunately, Igge found a three floor parking garage with cars you could vroom your way from the bottom floor to the top floor, where there was a helicopter which made helicopter sounds AND had buttons! Which he also was allowed to press! After that discovery we could not move him. He didn’t care that he was sitting a massive poo in his nappy. He didn’t care that we served fresh raspberries and cream for breakfast (his all time favourite). He definitely did not care that we all were standing in the doorway about to leave. I tried with the old “we’re leaving now, are you coming?” which usually makes him stop what he’s doing and come up to me. After a smaller tantrum where he made claw marks on the hardwood floor and pushed up a vomit, Bia went to get a car. A huge monstertruck. Which Igge was allowed to bring. So he brought it to the changing table, he brought it to the beach, he brought it to bed. Shaun Vegaun and I looked at each other, scared as if we’d seen a drunk moose in our bubblepool (that happens), because this tantrum was his first huge one. And he’s not even a year and a half! What on earth will happen when the terrible two’s begin?!

Vamos a la playa! All you need is your backpack full of raspberries and your giant truck.

Our days in Mariestad were filled with lazy, late days. We went to the beach, had ice cream, went through the old, cobbled parts of town, had ice cream, let Igge get mesmerised by the big church, had ice cream… Mariestad is one of those little towns I never get bored of. It’s so quaint and homely. It’s by the lake Vänern, one of the biggest lakes in Europe and the sun shines more over Mariestad than over most of Sweden. I’ve always felt safe and calm in Mariestad and I hope we can go back soon.

Most of all it was great to spend time with my amazing cousin Bia and my fantastic sister Nina. I love our honest late night conversations, and I love that we don’t have to finish our sentences when we’re squirming on the floor of laughter. Great minds think alike.

Nina, Bia and I