Swedish Summer – The Summer House

Stockholm is approximately on the same latitude as Juno, Alaska. It means that from October to May, the population in Stockholm is dressed in giant, fluffy jackets that begin at your nose and end at your knees. Everybody looks like giant cushion – lollipops. Also, during this time, we don’t talk. Not to each other, not to strangers, not to say sorry if we bump in to somebody or even if we would accidentally flatten your chiwawa by stepping on it with our enourmous moonboots.

That’s why we go loco banana when the first sun comes out. We gather around outdoor bars like nerds queuing to see the release of the uncut Star Trek movie. We take out the grill and eat dinner outside because summer is finally here…! That this usually happens in the end of April and that there was a snowstorm the previous day come of less importance. The sun is shining, it’s more than 5 degrees Celsius (during the day) and I think I saw a Snowdrop under that leafless tree, which means it’s time to eat outside. That’s that.


Midummer’s eve is always, without exception, rainy. We still made wreaths for us, and of course one for the child as well

From October to May, I long for the summer. I long for the Swedish summer. I long for the Swedish summer at my family’s summer house and now it’s here. Right now it’s really hot, the sun is beaming and I love it. The first thing that happens in the morning is that my child gets his bucket and spade and stand ready by the door like the person closest to the entrance at their favourite store on Black Friday. As soon as I turn the key in the lock, Igge pushes the door open and takes off, down to the beach. Running uncontrollably wearing nothing but his sun hat, he leaves me laughing every time. That alabaster-white body getting smaller and smaller, those thighs vibrating from every step as if they were made of pannacotta and the best of all – his happy-to-be-free-scream. The whole way from the house to the water’s edge he screams while smiling and it all makes my body feel like it looks – like an extra soft and fluffy marshmallow, on its way to get even softer in the Swedish summer sun.


Napping with a view