Apple of my eye

Before our son was born I didn’t buy any things or clothes for him. Other people did but I just didn’t want to jinx the birth. What if…? However, there was this one baby blanket I fell in love and since that design collection was selling out, I bought it. My son used it from the day he was born until… About two months ago.


I had washed the blanket Igge normally uses for the pram, but he decided to flush it down the toilet (flush and flush, he created a massive stop, but that’s another story), which made me have to pack his baby blanket instead. You know, that spare one you keep in the bottom of the pram just in case there’s an unforseen snowstorm today. I would never bring that blanket outside because I love it too much, but I thought that “no other blanket has ever gone missing. It’s gonna be at the bottom of the pram which will be parked at the preschool until I pick the Child up in 5 hours. It’ll be fine.”

Of course it wasn’t. When I came for pick up, the blanket was missing. I asked the staff, I looked around, I searched in all boxes and other prams. I interrogated every chubby diaper child with a milk mustasch, but nothing. It was gone. With a heavy heart I went home and told the Husband, who is not of the sentimental kind and said “awe. You’ll survive”

I knew he was right, I would survive this. I was still very sad about it though. For a long time. I asked around sometimes at the preschool for it because the collection has finished and I couldn’t find that blanket to buy anywhere. Yesterday, I got a delayed mother’s day gift from my Husband. He had lifted every rock on the internet and probably had to bribe somebody in the dark web to get a hold of one but there it was – the blanket. He’ll always be the apple of my eye, my Husband.

Apple of My Eye


PS. The original baby blanket was found last week in Igge’s spot at the preschool when I cleaned his boxes out for the summer. The staff looked surprised when I asked them about it and said “yeah, that’s his favourite blanket. He sleeps on it every day.” 🤔 So now I have two.