What’s a mampire?

There are definitions of the word mampire, but they’re all wrong.

A mampire is somebody like me – somebody who has lived from night to night for most of their life and then one day realise that it’s all about to change in the same way the earth would break out of its orbit and continue into space with the only certainty that nothing will ever be certain again.

I lived hour by hour, flaking around wherever the wind took me. Sounds like a proper hippie, I know, but that was my lifestyle and I liked having it that way. As my boyfriend and I were planning our wedding, which was gonna be the party of the century by the way, I somehow got preggers. I say somehow because it shouldn’t have been statistically possible. (One of my husband’s soldiers must have waited for 7 days and one of my soldiers must have arrived a lot earlier than usual.)

We quickly realized that I would have to change my lifestyle. Well, no, I would have to change absolutley everything about my lifestyle. No more 72-hour parties, no smoking, no drinking unknown fluids from unmarked bottles, no eating massive amounts of luxurious cheese nor a smaller cow cut up as charcuteries and the biggest change of all; I would have to find myself a “real” job! (None of my previous jobs have been pretend, but I now needed one with a permanent contract and paied vacay). I was thrilled to have this child, I was thrilled that my man wanted this child and I was thrilled to start my life over. Switching lives from being a night creature, living the dark, careless and decadent life of a vampire, to wearing a top – buttoned shirt with a pearl necklace on the outside, bake whole grain sourdough bread as a hobby and being 100% effervescent at all times hasn’t been the picnic in the park it might sound like. I still can’t believe I’m a mam.

So, this is a blog about changing your life from fuzzy dark nights to foggy early mornings. A blog about changing your life from being a vampire to becoming a mam. A blog about being a mampire, simply put.





Happy new year from the happy new family!

/Isen, Vegan-Dad and Iggson